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    Startup Credits

    What are Startup Credits?

    These are currency you earn whilst performing actions on Startup Networks. This currency is called Startup Credits - and accumulating these allows you to buy certain features on the forum, or take advantage of features such as; pinning topics, user upgrades, pitch deck features etc.

    On average, you receive around 1-3 Startup Credits per action, certain actions allow you to earn more Startup Credits, such as: referring a user, creating a club, or uploading a pitch deck.

    Things you can do with your startup credits:

    • Trade with other members
    • purchase awards
    • upgrade your user group
    • access new forums
    • access new features
    • win credits via various methods
    • access consultancy from mentors
    • feature topics
    • pin topics
    • access new profile features

    Startup Credits Shop:

    As you can see from the screenshot below, in the member shop you can access consultancy, coaching, new features, usergroup upgrades and more to help you with your Startup Networks fundraising rounds!


    Startup Credits Bank:

    We thought it would be funny to create a banking system on the backend of the website, so your Startup Credits can get to work to help you and your startup; by banking your credits, you join a pool that generates interest monthly, set by an algorithm that constantly changes based on the amount of users on the website!

    These credits can help you unlock free mentorship, coaching, resources and more - so get banking!



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