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  1. Investment Research Report

    The Human Challenges of Founding Teams in Venture Capital and Private Equity Ventures
    by Alex Carter & William Harvey
    This report synthesizes insights from interviews with 26 industry experts, including VC partners, mid-large cap investors from the PE space, and private angel/syndicate investors. It uncovers three major personal trends affecting founders and their teams in VC and PE-backed ventures: the challenge of balancing founders' health with their performance and that of their business, the importance of developing a resilient mindset and self-awareness, and the need for clear company vision and effective communication.
    Drawing on a rich mix of investor experiences and our own extensive work with business leaders, the report delves into the personal challenges founders face across different growth stages. It suggests a market gap for holistic health, well-being, and resilience coaching, alongside cultural, communication, and vision alignment initiatives.
    The report aims to offer insights to build stronger leaders, foster alignment around organizational visions, and harmonize founder well-being with business performance and investor returns.
    If you have any questions, please email Alex Carter @Β Alex@alexcarter-coaching.com

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