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Maven specializes in offering financial and strategic assistance to rapidly growing businesses with revenues surpassing £1 million.


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Established in 2009 through a management buyout of Aberdeen Asset Management's private equity business, Maven has a robust presence in 11 UK cities. In 2021, it became part of Mattioli Woods, a UK-based specialist in wealth management and financial planning services.

Maven specializes in offering financial and strategic assistance to rapidly growing businesses with revenues surpassing £1 million. The firm supports transactions ranging from £100,000 to £20 million, drawing from various sources such as growth capital, private equity, and regional funds. Currently managing four VCTs, each housing over 90 emerging businesses, Maven has been a significant player in the investment landscape.

Since its inception in 2009, Maven's VCTs have invested £265 million to bolster over 400 private or AIM quoted companies throughout the UK. Notably, it has injected more than £65 million into 46 new investments in private companies since January 2019. Maven adheres to a principle of investing no more than £1.25 million annually in any given company and limits its investment to 15% of a company's assets by cost at any given time.

Maven directs its investments towards companies possessing proprietary technology, intellectual property, or a business model capable of significantly enhancing shareholder value within their sector or market. This may involve displacing existing products or introducing new and improved products or services. Among the scaleups that Maven supports are Bright Network, a graduate recruitment specialist, and MirrorWeb, a regulatory technology (regtech) firm.

In addition to its VCTs, Maven oversees six regional funds specializing in providing equity and/or debt finance to businesses in Scotland, the Midlands, South West, North West, and North East of England. Through Maven Investor Partners, the firm invests between £2 million and £20 million in private equity finance for the management teams and owners of established, profitable businesses.

Maven distinguishes itself by not only providing financial support but also actively guiding the management teams of its investee companies. This involves offering insights and support in strategic initiatives such as international expansion, bolt-on acquisitions, talent recruitment, and operational efficiency enhancements.


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