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{NEW} Marketing Intern at Gadder LTD

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Marketing Intern at Gadder LTD

About Gadder: Gadder is an AI-powered app that provides a one-stop solution to organise social activities allowing people to discover, connect and plan together (anything from a casual night out to a date). Our mission is to create and amplify connections between people.ย 

About You:ย ย 

  • You are comfortable withย sourcing, structuring and interpreting data.
  • You possess a genuine enthusiasm for social media, content creation, and customer interaction.ย 
  • You love identifying trends, engaging audiences, and generating innovative ideas.
  • You never say no to a challenge.

Commitment: 15 hours weekly commitment.

Role Description:

As a Marketing and Social Media Intern, your responsibilities encompass diverse tasks:

  • Content Creation: Film and edit video content for our viral social media channels.
  • Content Strategy: Formulate a content calendar to ensure consistent, relevant posts across our social media platforms.
  • Customer and Audience Engagement: Interact with our user community, addressing inquiries, gathering feedback, and maintaining a positive and informative online presence.
  • Trend Analysis: Stay updated on the latest social media and marketing trends, adjusting strategies for optimal reach and impact.
  • Innovative Initiatives: Participate in brainstorming and execution of imaginative marketing campaigns or initiatives, leveraging internal and external data insights and your creative concepts.


  • Work arrangements include a mix of remote and in-person tasks.
  • The internship commences in February 2024 on a part-time basis for 8 weeks, with a one-month trial period.

About Us:

Gadder was co-founded by Mark and Ivana, whose chance meeting in late 2021 ignited a shared passion for discovering enjoyable activities, meeting new people, and cherishing quality time with friends. This mutual vision led to the birth of Gadder. Our app officially launched in November, and we are eager to welcome an intern who can analyse data, inform strategic decisions, and elevate our marketing and social media presence.

We look forward to your contribution!


For inquiries or additional information, please reach out to us at hello@gadderapp.com.

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    James, On 09/01/24
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