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Hello beautiful people

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Greetings everyone, noting special here. I'm a trained engineer who chose to go into sales. I know, right. I've done sales for around 7+ years in any industry you can think of (Luxury-Retail, Manufacturing, Phrma, SaaS, and yes, High Ticket Closing). What I love doing now is to help founders and newly formed start-ups setting up their commercial engines. I essentially help you land your first clients and build out a reproducible system to bootstrap your growth.ย 

I've also got a cool side hustle in Newsletter Sponsorships. More coming soon...ย 

If you need help landing clients and deals, I'm your guy.ย 

If you can teach me anything about marketing and funnel building, I'm your student.ย 

Look forward to connecting to you all.ย 

Erfanย ย  ย  ย 

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Hi Erfan,ย 

Great to meet you and thank you for messaging on the forum.ย 

I might take you up on the offer of your trade off - help with marketing and funnel building in exchange for some guidance how to build a strong newsletter.

Let me know if you want to have a chat.ย 

Kind regards,


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