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Mentorship by Babita Devi

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For companies looking to grow and scale, clarity on product-market fit, securing investment, and overcoming personal and professional hurdles are critical milestones on the path to success.Β 

Babita is an experienced Coach and Mentor for Founders of early-stage businesses, offering a holistic approach to these challenges, ensuring you're not just building a business, but also paving the way for sustained growth.

Her flagship programme, The Alignment Accelerator has been developed after working with hundreds of business owners and is based on personal and business growth being interconnected, leading to inevitable success when they align.

Babita collaborates with multiple organisations as a Coach and Mentor, including Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, across all UK Barclays Eagle Labs, Raising Starts, and over 30 co-working centres run by Oxford Innovation Space as an Associate Innovation Director. She has lectured to MBAs and Business Studies students and currently mentors the Masters in Entrepreneurship students at the University of Cambridge.

Babita is sector-agnostic, with experience in gaming, party, licensing, health and med tech, software, and education. Babita sits on the Board of some early-stage companies in Edtech and Games and serves as an Advisor to a Venture Capital fund. She is also a NED to Global Entrepreneurs Network UK, which connects 66,000 entrepreneurs across 200 countries.

Babita guides Founders through the process of achieving a clear product-market fit. Babita's approach is not just about market analysis; it’s about aligning your product with the market in a way that resonates with your core values and vision.

Raising investment and commercialisation is another area where Babita supports early-stage ventures. Navigating the world of venture capital and investor relations can be daunting for many Founders. Babita demystifies this process, leveraging her extensive network and experience as an Advisor to a VC fund to connect Founders with the right investors. Through her role as a Judge on the Accelerate Programme at the University of Cambridge, she is regularly involved in pitch feedback and can advise on how to create a compelling deck as well as helping with delivery and presentation skills, ensuring that you secure investment under terms that best support your business’s growth objectives.

Moreover, Babita believes that the journey of a Founder is often laden with personal challenges and blocks that can hinder the ability to step into their full potential. Through her tailored coaching sessions, she helps identify and remove these blocks, whether they're rooted in mindset, strategy, or execution. Her mentorship goes beyond business metrics; it's about empowering founders to lead with confidence, resilience, and a clear vision for their future.

Incorporating these additional facets into Babita's mentorship highlights a comprehensive support system designed not just for business growth but for the personal development of Founders. Β 

Babita Devi CV & Bio.pdf

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