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Welcome to Web3sy! An Introduction by CEO and Founder, Nkeiruka Whenu.

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Hi there, everyone!

My name is Nkeiruka Whenu and I am the CEO and Founder of Web3sy,ย the newest Web3 e-learning platform - seeking to educate Young professionals and tech enthusiasts on the next generation of cutting-edge technology; including Web3, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Our overarching goal is to democratize access to these fields, overcoming barriers such as socioeconomic disparities, steep learning curves, and resource constraints, thereby facilitating widespread participation and proficiency in the future of technology.

I have cultivated a technical background as a Full-Stack developer, and extensive experience within teaching and education, and so it was no surprise that my passion for, and interest in emerging technologies - such as Web3 - would eventually marry so well with my other profession.

After much deliberation, and some grant funding by Santander, Web3sy was born. Born to help people like the Younger Nkeiru satiate their appetite for knowledge and keep ahead of the digital future looming on the horizon. With so many new technologies and applications of them coming out, wouldn't it be better to be able to understand even a few of them?

And so, if you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Applications of Blockchain, or even Cyber Security, we have a course for you to make sure that you have access to the information and resources that you need in order to upskill and elevate your career or interests.

All of our courses come with certificates of completion, gamified learning, quizzes to test your knowledge and practical projects to put them to the test. They're the all-around package for learning about emerging technologies online! If you are looking to find out more about emerging technologies, remember that we make Web3, easy.

Nkeiruka Whenu

CEO and Founder of Web3sy.





Primary Logo.png

Applications of AI Course.png

Defending the Digital Realm A Comprehensive Cybersecurityย Guide.png

Getting Started with Blockchain 2.png

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