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How fitness helped me with my life and becoming a founder

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Good afternoon Startup Networks!

I've been reflecting on my life these last few weeks. As many of you know, I was hit by a car a few months back, turning my life into a complete storm. However, now I am healing, back on the reins, and moving as fast as I can!

Previously, before the accident, I was over 25 stone and depressed, not getting much done and at a complete crossroads regarding how to approach the next few years of my life. I summoned the courage, and well, the effort, to tackle the weight loss world—focusing on turning fat into muscle, working out often (sometimes too much), and revamping my diet! After shedding 5 stone, I really got into it, entering competitions for strength, and then... I got hit by a car.

Now, I’m doing my best to get back to where I was, with very light workouts due to my injuries, and starting to focus on my diet again. This situation prompted the question: how did fitness help me in becoming a founder? I started SN during my recovery, at my lowest point, and this amazing platform has pulled me up, revealing the vibrancy within the startup community. I'm addicted! It was exhilarating to work on this platform, meeting so many incredible people—founders, service providers, and more.

Here’s some advice that worked for me:

  • Regular exercise not only improved my physical health but also cleared my mind, helping me make better decisions for my business.
  • A strong sleep schedule was crucial for recovery and maintaining energy throughout the day.
  • Getting up from my PC regularly to soak in real sunlight helped me feel rejuvenated, contrasting the artificial glow of screens.

Now, I want to turn the conversation over to you, the vibrant heart of SN:

  1. How has personal health or fitness influenced your journey as a founder or entrepreneur?
  2. Have you faced any significant challenges that reshaped your approach to health and work?
  3. What tips can you share for balancing the demands of startup life with personal well-being?

Let’s share our stories and advice to inspire and support one another in our journeys. Remember, it's not just about the startups we build, but also about the lifestyle we lead and how it fuels our ambitions and dreams.

Looking forward to your thoughts and stories!

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