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Approach to Spirits Investment

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Stoic 9 Adopts Innovative Approach to Spirits Investment


In the vibrant F&B landscape of Southeast Asia, Charles Lim, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 14 years of active involvement in the whiskey industry, is steering Stoic 9 towards an innovative approach to cask ownership, blending financial potential with a distinctive exploration of fine spirits.


Facing the challenges prevalent in the whiskey investment market, Singapore-based Stoic 9 takes a distinctive stance on cask ownership. Lim’s vision includes physically owning the casks, ensuring high-level transparency for patrons, and addressing concerns about true ownership. Bangkok-based venture investor Thanit Apipatana is an advisor of the company.


Whisky casks offer unique advantages, allowing direct control and influence—an unconventional approach compared to traditional investments. As trusted tangible assets, these casks have shown notable endurance, providing stability even in turbulent economic conditions.


Currently, in the process of consolidating an inventory of whiskey casks and bottles, Stoic 9 aims to offer more than a financial investment. The envisioned diverse range includes aged bottles from renowned distilleries from Scotland, between 25 and 50 years, a limited edition series, and a commitment to quality that sets Stoic 9 apart in the market.


Investing in whisky casks is enticing as the value of aged whisky rises with diminishing supply and increasing demand. Cask ownership enables portfolio diversification and serves as a hedge against inflation, making it an appealing investment option.


Looking ahead, Stoic 9 plans to launch a web platform by the end of 2024. This digital marketplace will not only facilitate the purchase of bottles but will also offer the unique opportunity to own a share of carefully curated casks. 


Lim envisions making whiskey investments accessible, with entry points starting as low as $7,000 to $8,000. Whisky cask investing is getting popular, but not all casks are the same. Some have better potential for investment, offering more returns when sold. But just like any other investment, there are no guarantees.


Lim’s entrepreneurial journey began in the wider F&B sector, where he owned a PR and marketing agency. Later, he invested in a company that evolved into the famous Quaich Bar in Singapore, showcasing his keen understanding of market intricacies.


Currently, Stoic 9 is actively working on developing a website and establishing a social media presence. The project is set to become a prominent player in the whiskey investment space, introducing a blend of financial foresight and the joyous exploration of fine spirits.

Lim points out the absence of similar platforms in Southeast Asia, emphasizing that most existing ventures function as auction houses rather than comprehensive marketplaces for whiskey casks.


Acknowledging the varying capital intensity of the venture, Stoic 9 sets a minimum investment as the market entry barrier. Scalability is an ongoing process, considering the early stage of whiskey investment funds and the absence of strict regulations. Currently, our primary focus is on establishing credibility and ensuring safety in the market.


Passion converges with investment, crafting a unique narrative in the ever-evolving landscape of whiskey investments, signaling that Stoic 9 is poised to chart a new course.

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