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[🎙️ RSS] Diving into Innovation with Thali Lotus, CEO of CAYA Audio!


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In our latest Innovation Conversation Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting the visionary Thali Lotus to discuss her incredible journey and mission behind CAYA Audio! 🎧🌈

🎤 What is CAYA Audio, you ask? Thali's ambition to reshape the consumer-producer ratio led to the birth of CAYA, with the groundbreaking CAYA X3E Creators microphone taking the spotlight. Launching in 2022, this high-spec microphone is aiming to unmute the world and amplify the voices of the future.

🌍 From musicians at home or live on stage to educators delivering keynote speeches and hobbyists recording podcasts, the CAYA X3E offers versatility in both MEMS & Electret, cable, and Bluetooth. Notably, it's the first microphone created by a Black British Female, marking a historic milestone in the audio industry. 🎤👏

🎶 Thali Lotus delves into the intricacies of the music industry, shedding light on her experiences and insights. We explore how collaborations with universities and organisations like Goldsmith University, and Innovate UK, have played a crucial role in validating her revolutionary ideas.

💡 The episode unfolds the role of crowdfunding in shaping Thali's journey, emphasising the power of a supportive audience and meaningful connections. It's a testament to the importance of community backing your vision.

Join the Innovation Conversation! 🌐✨ #InnovationConversation #CAYAAudio #ThaliLotus #PodcastInterview #AudioInnovation #EmpowerThroughSound #DiversityInTech

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