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[🎙️ RSS] Pushing Boundaries with EV Innovation: David Pröschel of Terren Electric Drive Systems


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Get ready for an electrifying episode of the Innovation Conversation podcast, as we're joined by David Pröschel, the COO at Terren Electric Drive Systems. Join us as we delve into the world of cutting-edge EV platforms for Off-Highway vehicles and the thrilling journey of breaking altitude world records with electric propulsion.

🎙️ Episode: Pushing Boundaries with EV Innovation: David Pröschel of Terren Electric Drive Systems

🌐 About Terren Electric Drive Systems: Terren Electric Drive Systems is rewriting the future of EV innovation, specializing in Off-Highway vehicles. In this episode, David takes us on a ride through Terren's groundbreaking platform that empowers traditional manufacturers to enter the EV market seamlessly.

🚀 Episode Highlights:

🔌 Introuction to TERREN Platform: Unveil the game-changing TERREN platform that revolutionises EV adoption for specialized, small production volume commercial vehicles. David shares how TERREN enables efficiency, versatility, and cost reduction, setting the stage for a new era in EV Off-Highway vehicles.

🏞️ Altitude World Record-Breaking Adventure: Dive into the extraordinary journey of the TERREN Prototype as it embarks on an audacious mission to reach the summit of Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano on Earth. With its sights set on setting a new altitude world record for land vehicles, the project known as "PEAK EVOLUTION" showcases the true potential of electric propulsion.

☀️ Solar-Powered Superiority: Explore the pinnacle of sustainable performance as David explains how the TERREN Prototype is driven by solar power. This trailblazing endeavor embodies the future of clean energy and showcases electric dominance in challenging terrains.🇨🇭 Swiss Innovation: Gain insights into the entrepreneurial landscape in Switzerland as David shares his perspective on starting a business and harnessing government incentives for growth. Discover how Switzerland's environment fosters innovation and paves the way for international expansion.

Tune in to this episode to join the thrilling adventure of innovation, altitude records, and sustainable propulsion with David Pröschel and Terren Electric Drive Systems. Whether you're an EV enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or simply passionate about pushing boundaries, this episode promises to captivate and inspire.Stay tuned for more electrifying stories of innovation on the Innovation Conversation podcast. 🎧🔋 #InnovationConversation #ElectricMobility #AltitudeRecord

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