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My Itchy & Delayed Trip to Paris


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As a 30-year-old financial planner who loves to travel, I've had my share of adventures. But my recent trip to Paris takes the cake, or should I say, bites the dust? It all started with my flight to France being delayed, causing me to miss a crucial meeting. "A minor setback," I thought, but little did I know, the real adventure was yet to begin.

Arriving at my hotel near Saint-Denis, exhausted and a bit frustrated, I was hoping for a peaceful night. However, peace was the last thing I found. My room, it turned out, was part of a much larger battlefield – a bed bug infestation of epic proportions! It was almost like a scene from a slapstick comedy, with the hotel staff in a frenzy, trying to control these tiny, relentless invaders.

Night after night, I faced a dilemma: surrender to these tireless pests or stand my ground. I chose the latter, engaging in what felt like a never-ending game of wits against these minuscule adversaries. Each night was a blend of horror and comedy, as I tried every trick in the book to outsmart them.

In a twist of irony, I joked that I got more than just a room in Paris; I got a full-blown "wildlife experience" in the heart of the city. Despite the chaos, I kept my spirits high, turning my ordeal into a series of hilarious stories. And to think, I once saw a news piece about bed bugs in Parisian hotels and brushed it off as anti-French propaganda. Little did I know, I was about to live that very reality!

In the end, I left Paris with more than just memories of its iconic sights. I had a new, if slightly itchy, addition to my collection of travel tales. So, to all my fellow travelers, remember: every trip comes with its own set of surprises; some just happen to be itchier than others!!

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