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The Startup Event Pitches Now Available Online


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πŸš€ Exciting News for Our Startup Network Community! 🌟

We're thrilled to announce that the majority of the pitches from The Startup Event's latest event are now available for viewing! You can find these inspiring and innovative pitches on our website under the Videos Directory.

πŸ”— All uploaded pitches are currently assigned to @The Startup EventsΒ username. However, we understand the importance of personal branding and visibility in our community. If you're one of the pitch owners and would prefer to have your pitch associated with your personal profile, we've got you covered!

πŸ”„ To have your pitch merged to your own username, simply get in touch with us. This way, your pitch will appear directly on your profile, enhancing your visibility and personal brand within our network.

⏳ A few pitches are still in the process of being added. We're working diligently to ensure they're optimised for online viewing and will be uploaded shortly. We appreciate your patience as we make these final touches.

πŸ™ Thank you to all the participants for your incredible pitches and to our community for the ongoing support. We can't wait for you to see the amazing ideas and projects our members have presented.

Stay innovative, stay connected!

~ James

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