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Katie Lips - Eatiful

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Katie Lips, a visionary in the wellness and health tech sectors, is the founder of Eatiful, a groundbreaking platform designed to transform traditional weight loss paradigms. Unlike conventional diets that focus on what to eat, Eatiful introduces a non-diet approach, emphasizing how to eat. This method is grounded in the scientifically proven principles of mindful eating, supplemented with behavior change and mindfulness techniques, facilitating a harmonious relationship with food. By encouraging eating slowly and recognizing fullness, Eatiful empowers individuals to consume the right amount of food for their bodies, promoting sustainable weight loss and maintenance.

After experiencing her own transformation, shedding 85 pounds by altering her eating habits with what became the Eatiful Method, Katie was motivated to share her success. Her journey from obesity to wellness not only reshaped her life but also inspired the creation of Eatiful. This platform aims to replicate her success on a larger scale, offering tools and support for others seeking a healthy, balanced lifestyle without the constraints of traditional dieting.

Eatiful’s innovative approach combines the best of slow, intuitive, and mindful eating into a personalized mobile app experience. This unique strategy is designed to help individuals aged 30 and above with unwanted weight, focusing on changing eating behaviors rather than imposing dietary restrictions. By prioritizing the process of eating over the food itself, Eatiful stands as a testament to Katie Lips’ commitment to fostering positive, sustainable changes in health and wellness.

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