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Accelerators for pre-trading business (UK/London)

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I wanted to join one accelerator programme (mostly for the mentorship and training available), but I was told that my business needed to be already generating some sort of sales before I could apply/ be accepted, plus as well, it doesn't start until September. I'm all go to go, I just wanted to be on a scheme and talk with a mentor before I launch. Any accelerators out there?




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Hi Joshua,

Thank you for taking the time to message the chat.

In response to your question you don't need to join an accelerator to find a mentor.

A mentor can be someone in your own personal network who may have the knowledge or connections to help you validate your idea. I would propose looking closer to home first. Additionaly you can always sign up to the association of business mentors and see if you can be matched up with one of their mentors  https://www.associationofbusinessmentors.org/find-a-mentor.

Lastly accelerators are geared towards companies who are at the further end of the technology readiness level or the marketing readiness level.

    TRL Level - https://www.ukri.org/councils/stfc/guidance-for-applicants/check-if-youre-eligible-for-funding/eligibility-of-technology-readiness-levels-trl/
    Marketing Readiness level - https://www.innovateukedge.ukri.org/blog/understanding-market-readiness-level

If your Startup is at the earlier stages than I would look at more incubator based programmes or programmes aimed at earlier stage companies.

Kind regards,


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