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Respectful Communication: Always interact with others respectfully.

No Illegal Content: Do not post or share illegal material.

Intellectual Property: Respect copyrights and trademarks.

Privacy: Don't share others' private information without consent.

No Spam or Advertising: Avoid spam and unsolicited advertising.

Appropriate Content: Ensure content is suitable for all audiences.

Accuracy of Information: Be accurate in your postings.

Conflict Resolution: Address disagreements constructively.

Reporting Violations: Report any guideline violations to the moderators.

Compliance with Terms of Service: Adhere to the website's terms of service.

Idea Theft and Plagiarism: Do not engage in idea theft or plagiarism; credit all sources.

Adult Content: Strictly prohibit posting/sharing sexually explicit or inappropriate material.

Compliance and Reporting: Encourage reporting of guideline breaches; violations are taken seriously for community safety.

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