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Hello and welcome to the Startup Networks roadmap for 2024 and 2025.

We’ve been keeping pretty quiet about what’s going on here, as we’ve been working diligently in the background on some very interesting projects.

After careful deliberation, we have decided to release our roadmap for the rest of 2024.

Without further adieu, here is our planned updates, integrations and more!

April to July

Site Changes:

  • New home page release with enhanced UX/ UI
  • Site tweaks/ design changes/ UX/UI improvements


  • Working with new grant volunteers to upload grants to the forum to help you with raising capital
  • New grant forum to promote grant related conversation
  • New Q&A sections for grants to help with info-sharing

Video Directory

  • Rolling out new custom API for thumbnails to maximise quality and sharability
  • Connecting new providers as currently we're YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion
  • Roll out of new fields for fundraising videos (What is your startup, are you raising, current stage, EIS/SEIS etc

Link Directory

  • Sitemap changes to help with SN growth and sharability
  • New category's and optimisation to help refine the user journey and flow of information for you all
  • Categories to be refined to: Accelerator Programmes, Co-Working Spaces, Startup Incubators, Pre-Accelerators, Active Seed/VC Funds, Creative Studios, Grants & Miscellaneous


  • Implementing a new system called Downloads, where users can download templates such as business plans, pitch decks and more
  • Integration with Virus Total to help secure members

July - September

SN Support

  • Revamping SN Support, a new support system and knowledge base for startups, as well as website support for users with site issues.


  • Rolling out new update called Clubs, which are small pocket communities on our forum which have access to create/host their own forums, as well as events, links, resources and more
  • Clubs will have their own manageable sections, they can add members, remove, own user roles
  • Club own events, Club own links, Resources
  • Paid, or Free, everyone can create free clubs.


  • Planned updates to integrate more into EventBrite and create guest logs, user logs and more to help event hosts on our platform


  • Job Directory creation and roll out to help people to post jobs, hire new talent etc
  • Potential integration to LinkedIn Easy Apply
  • Custom Job Syndication system that cross-posts to LinkedIn, Indeed etc

Startup Networks Admin

  • As we are growing, and our hosting costs etc are increasing, we will be rolling out potentially one sponsor for the forum, in the form of a banner on the forum. This is just a thought right now and nothing is set in stone
  • Partnering with Universities, Government, and Colleges to provide courses for startups

September - December

Founder Forums

  • New Forums to stimulate conversations and provide value such as: Idea Validation, Find A Co-Founder, Joint Ventures

Mentor Directory

  • Full directory to create a literal mentor directory where you can filter by mentors, experience, background, credentials etc

Supplier Directory

  • Supplier Directory for release in November/ December to allow Startups to sell their services, generate leads and more.
  • Will run alongside Marketplace
  • All providers to be vetted/ tested
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