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How many co-founders are too many?


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Ah, the old "how many cooks in the kitchen" conundrum. From my days in the trenches, I’ve seen my fair share of startups—some lean and mean, others packed like a tech geek’s basement. Here’s the straight scoop: there isn’t a one-size-fits-all number, but there's a sweet spot most successful startups seem to hit.

Most data you'll dig up—like from the folks at Startup Genome—suggest that two to three co-founders tends to be the magic number. It’s enough to bring a mix of skills to the table without causing too many clashes over who gets to call the shots. Go beyond three, and you might find yourself in endless debates over every decision, which can slow things down to a crawl.

Remember, the key isn’t just in the number; it's about having co-founders who bring diverse perspectives and skills but still mesh well in the crucible of startup pressure. Too many chiefs, and you'll be running circles around ego land; too few, and you might be shouldering more than you can handle. Keep it tight, keep it right.

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