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SummaryJulia and Brendan from MyCena discuss their innovative cybersecurity solution that eliminates the need for employees to create, type, remember, forget, or reset passwords. They explain the layered security system, the impact on IT help desk costs, and the relevance of MyCena to all sectors and enterprises.

Keywordscybersecurity, password management, encrypted access, IT help desk, enterprise security, cybersecurity solution


  • MyCena's innovative cybersecurity solution eliminates the need for employees to create, type, remember, forget, or reset passwords.
  • The impact on IT help desk costs can be significant, with potential savings of up to 50%.
  • MyCena's solution is relevant to all sectors and enterprises, offering a comprehensive and industry-agnostic approach to cybersecurity.


00:00Introducing MyCena.co and Their Cybersecurity Solution

03:03The Inspiration Behind MyCena's Solution

04:22MyCena's Industry-Agnostic Solution and Customer Base

06:29Market Reception and Adoption Challenges

08:11The Impact on IT Help Desk Costs and Enterprise Security

12:11MyCena's Solution in the Face of AI and Quantum Computing Threats

16:19Fundraising and Growth Plans for MyCena

24:56Personal Inspiration and Advice for Startup Founders

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