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  • Administrator

At Startup Networks, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our vibrant community members. Here’s a glimpse of the achievable ranks on our forum, each with its unique perks and status!

Staff Ranks: These are staff ranks on the forum.

  • Administrator.png.57450aa4de750fe3bc83e89d9a2a7bae.png
  • Developer.png.5f2f41a166c953f099b6912c1c01d008.png
  • Moderator.png.c0d6febe8a60434574435b07bc3e4c87.png
  • Retired-Staff.png.9160c7bf6b108132121be55c39e376e0.png

Special Ranks Note: Special Ranks are granted by the administration based on exceptional contributions, leadership, or achievements.

  • Awesome.png.748ea3393b7fc223954f748f04a5b6bf.png Staff Discretion Excellence Award
  • Grant-Scout.png.0eeb0bba2bf4c93a4d56afa99ccacc23.png Active Grants Section Contributor
  • Investor.png.0990ab8c21c5d56ae3029f4e4b6d748a.png Project Investor Recognition
  • Mentor_.png.135933dc3b379c53503a168ad3eac16f.png Vetted Mentor Badge
  • MVP.png.4be0e7c53449892f7846865959df924c.png Most Valuable Participant (MVP)
  • Influencer.png.8edd87eecfac979a35403941bc217034.png Social Media Influencer (100,000+ Followers)
  • Premium_(1).png.690c919531f0c059ea1c8acd2075a293.png Premium User Role
  • Supporter_2.png.c9b767964efecb5504424da189f26b8c.png Premium User Role
  • enhanced.png.d421716ee44ca9b9bd43de937d3d2fdd.png Premium User Role
  • Sponsors.png.3b435cdbdea8efeb218c2114fd32b430.png Available to official sponsors of Startup Networks & The Startup Events.
  • Producer.png.45428e6b4ca5e8f44b03d49471d906ff.png Featured Video Contributor
  • Startup.png.b17bf51dc1ad993feae18c14b6449efe.png Registered Startup Member
  • Recruiter_4.png.aec702966c1a7e5bd460e79696919257.png Recruiter
  • Trusted-Seller.png.242054376c63d367f38f9ea9695c3be5.png Proven Seller Achievement
  • Council.png UK Council Member Recognition
  • Government.png Government Official Acknowledgement
  • Event-Host-1.png Official Event Provider Badge
  • Podcaster_2.png Prominent Podcaster Recognition
  • News.png News Section Contributor
  • Presenter.png StartupTV Presenter (Upcoming)
  • Accelerator_1.png Accelerator Program Participant
  • Streamer.png StartupTV Streamer (Upcoming)
  • Thought-Leader_3(1).png.dc929f26a29d9eb336ae388fc326685c.png Given out to members considered thought-leaders by community Poll.

Special Progressive Ranks: These are ranks you can achieve for doing things on the forum such as referring people, writing articles and uploading files.

  • Referrer.png.d6bdaa54c443265290794553ac49e640.png
  • Referrer.png.22876566cd4d56a7d1e76d61b06494ce.png
  • Referrer.png.bbd4054186f4a590d4ac4a6ea458bc33.png
  • Uploader.png.c3e783cf80d51a8822c28eb32c0a3f7f.png
  • Uploader.png.25f8c42072875933cfaaacb714364257.png
  • Uploader.png.61ac7286d8647ebd2be560b9a7101d44.png
  • Writer.png.a5a8fbedd0fc5e6e69d9e4ca11564a49.png
  • Writer.png.4b9ca81a6f408346a8ffc51297173780.png
  • Writer.png.813ec0728ac3b85c3fc2886e8159d0a5.png

Default Rank: These are ranks you start with when you join the forum.

  • Member.png

Robot Rank: These are ranks for systems, bots & spiders.

  • Bot.png.9ef6850eb888243143111134fcce2d02.png

Coming Soon:

We are going to be looking at new ranks in the future for Forum Posts, Shoutbox Chats, Pitch Uploads, Events, and more.

We are wanting to create some progressive user titles like Rookie being for people with less than 10 posts, no user badge just a title - which as you increase your posts, submissions on the forum it increases via a progressive list. This way you get some titles for your submissions - look cooler, and stand out on the forum!

New Special Ranks:

  • Attendee - for people who have attended startup events on the forum
  • Christmas - for users who were on the website for Christmas 2023.
  • Reporter - for users who posts active news on our forum.
  • Bug Fix - for users who have had a bug fixed on our website.
  • Idea Man - for users who have had website feedback implemented.
  • Thanks - for users who have had a lot of thanks on the forum. X Value
  • Thanks+ - for users who have had a lot of thanks on the forum. X value
  • Thanks++ -for users who have had a lot of thanks on the forum. X value
  • Spotlighted - for users appreciated and recommended by the community.
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  • James changed the title to Startup Networks Forum Ranks
  • Administrator

Updated today with more user bars! 

  • UK Council Member Recognition
  •  Government Official Acknowledgement
  •  Official Event Provider Badge
  •  Prominent Podcaster Recognition
  •  News Section Contributor
  •  StartupTV Presenter (Upcoming)
  •  Accelerator Program Participant
  •  StartupTV Streamer (Upcoming)
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