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Isabella Mandich - LocalMeal

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Isabella Mandich, co-founder of LocalMeal, shared her journey and the inception of her startup at a recent event, offering a deep dive into her innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way foodies discover local, independently-owned restaurants. Born and raised in Los Angeles and having moved to London for her university education, Isabella's personal and academic experiences have deeply influenced LocalMeal's creation. Together with her co-founders, whom she met during her undergraduate degree at UCL, Isabella embarked on this venture to address the challenges food enthusiasts face when seeking authentic dining experiences.

LocalMeal was conceived out of a desire to solve the real-world problem of finding genuine, local dining spots that often go unnoticed on mainstream restaurant discovery platforms. The startup aims to rebuild trust in restaurant recommendations by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth in a convenient mobile app. This initiative reflects a broader mission to support local businesses, especially in the wake of the pandemic's impact on the restaurant industry.

With a strong emphasis on community and authenticity, Isabella and her team have focused on creating a platform that highlights small, independent restaurants that capture the essence of local dining experiences. Despite the financial challenges of bootstrapping a startup, LocalMeal has achieved significant traction and awareness through grassroots efforts and a keen focus on community engagement. The startup's approach and dedication have been recognized with an Innovate UK grant, further propelling its mission forward.

Isabella's story is not just about the launch of a startup; it's a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the impact of innovative solutions on local communities. Through LocalMeal, Isabella and her team are not only offering a new way to explore culinary delights but also championing the cause of local businesses in the digital age.

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