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Callum Woodcock from WineFi discusses the concept and benefits of investing in fine wine. He explains how WineFi simplifies the investment process by managing the sourcing, storage, and sale of wines for individual investors and institutional investors. Callum compares the factors considered when investing in wine to those in stock investing, highlighting the importance of producer, vintage, and price. He also discusses the storage of wine in bonded warehouses and the issue of wine forgery. Callum shares his journey in starting WineFi and provides advice for fundraising and entrepreneurship. In this conversation, Callum Woodcock discusses the steps involved in starting a business and emphasizes the importance of taking the first step. He also highlights the value of making small incremental changes to achieve significant improvements. Callum shares his company's future plans and the possibility of raising more capital. He concludes by providing his contact information for anyone interested in learning more about his business.


WineFi is a platform that simplifies the process of investing in fine wine by managing the sourcing, storage, and sale of wines for individual and institutional investors.

Investing in wine involves considering factors such as producer, vintage, and price, similar to stock investing.

Wine is stored in bonded warehouses to ensure perfect condition and provenance, as well as to take advantage of tax benefits.

The investment profile of wine includes outperforming most mainstream equity indices, being uncorrelated to other assets, and having low volatility.

Investors in wine should aim to hold the assets for as long as possible within the wine's drinking window to maximize value.

Wine can be sold on the open market, but it is important to avoid incentivized sales to get the best possible price.

Starting a wine investment business requires clear and compelling storytelling in the pitch deck, market research to understand customer needs, and perseverance in the face of rejection.

Entrepreneurs should seek mentors and advisors who can provide guidance and reassurance throughout the startup journey.


00:00 Introduction to WineFi

01:06 Similarities and Differences with Stock Investing

03:04 Storage and Provenance of Wine

06:18 The Investment Profile of Wine

08:03 Maturity and Selling of Wine as an Asset

09:36 Liquidating Wine Assets

10:34 The Origin of the WineFi Idea

17:47 Expansion Plans and Geographical Focus

19:23 The Influence of Climate Change on Wine Production

25:39 Challenges and Advice for Fundraising

36:11 Dealing with Rejection and Perseverance

38:14 Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

38:44 Taking the First Step

41:11 Small Incremental Changes

41:51 Future Plans and Fundraising

43:16 Contact Information

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