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[🎙️ RSS] Revolutionising Product Matching: Thomas J Vosper, the visionary CEO & Founder of Aisle 3


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👟 Thomas takes us behind the scenes of his ingenious AI & Cloud Basket® business cleverly nestled within the facade of a sneaker site. As the founder of Start Up Lounge, he shares invaluable insights gained from his entrepreneurial journey.

📌 Key Insights Discussed Today:

  1. 💡 Revolutionizing Product Matching: Discover how Thomas and his stellar team of Deep Tech and AI experts are reshaping the game by redefining product matching—eliminating the need for traditional barcodes.
  2. 🌐 Pioneering Embedded Finance: Dive into the details of Aisle 3's groundbreaking embedded finance product, creating a seamless virtual checkout that effortlessly integrates an array of unconnected retailers.
  3. 💳 wAll3t® and Cashback: Learn about the digital profiles and over 23k product sign-ups, allowing users to earn cashback via the innovative wAll3t® on every purchase.
  4. 📈 Social Media Triumph: Explore the success story of Aisle 3's social media strategy, boasting 33k TikTok followers, 23k product sign-ups, 780 orders, and the coveted Blue Tick Verified Profile.
  5. 🍻 From Pub Crawl to Best-Selling Book: Uncover the fascinating transformation of a 16-year annual birthday pub crawl into a best-selling (#3) Amazon book—outperforming even culinary icon Jamie Oliver!
  6. 🌍 CEO of a Multinational Corporation: Gain insights into Thomas's journey, becoming the CEO of a multinational corporation by 41 after founding the Indian subsidiary of Aisle 3 in 2021.
  7. 💰 Successful Fundraising: Delve into the details of raising over $1.5 million from international VC's, family offices, and esteemed Angel Investors.

Don't miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from Thomas's entrepreneurial experiences and innovative achievements. Tune in today for a dose of inspiration! 🎧 #InnovationChat #StartupSuccess #AIandCloud #EntrepreneurInsights 🚀

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