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Imagine a world where you can find, book and manage your pet care services as quickly as you can book your Uber or order from your favourite takeaway. We did, and so we built Tuft. The Pet Care Marketplace. 

Hey everyone, I'm Chloe

Found this group through eventbrite - good for your stats admins 😉 

I'm a second time founder on a mission to make access to pet care services super easy, whilst bringing the SME's that run the services into the 21st century. We have built an App and a SaaS solution for both sides of the issue. 

I love to connect with fellow founders and share my rollercoaster story - I've made a hell load of mistake that I wish not for anyone else to have to go through, so happy to talk. 

Here's my Linkedin if you'd like to connect - https://www.linkedin.com/in/itschloesmith/

We're currently closing off our pre-seed round of 450k and have just 140k left in this exciting opportunity, so if you love pets, tech and know the transformative impact marketplaces can have on an industry, you can see our deck here https://tuftapp.com/investors/

Looking forward to being part of this community. In my previous life, my first company was a branding and marketing agency, so I will be sure to give the admins feedback on the UX and UI 😉 

- Chloe 🐾


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  • Administrator

Hi Chloe,


Thank you for joining - posts like this is exactly why we took the effort to make this forum! ✅

Love the graphic work - really nice deck! Can see the branding success there! 

I've had a look at your website too, really nice - being a pet owner myself, I relate to this and really like the ethos and mission here!

I've PM'd you on here and attached @Harry to introduce ourselves!

With your fundraising, we'd love to hear about it here: Achievements

Look forward to seeing your pitch at our next event!

Kind regards,


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